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They have been great especially Alex.  It was a great experience.

Ashwini Obulreddygarl

Jon & team were great!

Christopher Rendo

Excellent service!  Jon was AWESOME!

Gordon Schmidt

Great communication.  Seamless transaction.  Very quick and professional.

Manuel Febo

Jon was really thorough and very helpful in answering all my endless questions.

Susil Ranjan Biswal

Very knowledgable and professional!

Robert Briggs

Very smooth refi process with Jon!

Mark Tornetta

Fran & Megan were great to work with!

Amanda Allen

Jon was very welcoming and pleasant.  Quick, easy and most painless process/closing ever!!

Lynn Sharpe

About Frank England - Great transaction!  Thank you!


Diana Gimelfarb

A+ Lender with A+ Staff: Jon Fisher

I was very skeptical to use an out of state and online lender. To top off the nerves, I am a first time buyer as well. I started my application on e month before my closing date. My loan officer is Jon Fisher. He’s very knowledgeable, gave me a lot of valuable information, answered all my questions, and he had reassured me about their A-rated company and closing on time. Close was set on Friday Nov 20 4pm central, 5pm eastern their time. The title company was afraid funding would not transfer in time due to closing office hours and that I would have to wait until Monday before they can handle my keys. Fully funded on time without a problem. Not to mention, this was the time when they too had to deal with the new loan closing process and it didn’t phase them one bit because in my eyes, it surely did not phase them. They have exceeded my expectations. They indeed live up to their ratings. Thank you to Jon and all the team who made it all happen so smoothly. Lowest lender fees online and the best rate I’d found. The best at what I can do in return is to write this review to let you guys know my story. I have already referred them to my friends and family.

Cynthia600 (12/23/2015)
Texas, United States

World Class Service

I am a Dallas attorney who was looking for a better rate on his 2nd home. I spoke with Jon Fisher and was immediately impressed by his pedigree and experience in the business. He was professional, courteous and super responsive. The process was seamless all the way through the closing. He even was able to get me a better deal on my primary residence than I had currently so I am finishing refinancing this home. I have already referred three friends.

Erick B (11/3/2016 10:27:27 AM)
Dallas Tx

Smooth broker. 

Jon was great to work with.  Very knowledgeable with the mortgage process.  Good communicator that keeps you abreast of every detail during the mortgage process.  It is always nice to know an honest trustworthy mortgage broker out there today.

Mtorn 2/1/2018
Trappe, PA

Deal with confidence! 

Jon Fisher is a no-nonsense lender who tells you straight what are the best possible deals for your given situation.  He keeps you well-informed on changing conditions in the market, so that you can make the best possible decisions about your mortgage applications.

Wbrownlowe 12/17/2017
Whitpain Township, PA

Finally a Lender on your side

Jon did a fantastic job.  We had a difficult loan situation due to a silent lien on our home.  Jon knew who to call, what to say and ask for, he was there whenever I needed and stayed in contact throughout the entire process (which is incredibly important to do a timely close).  Jon has a vast amount of experience with the loan process and brings it to bear and then some.  He fought for us and we really felt we had a fighter in our corner we were in an uphill battle against huntington bank and came out on top due to Jon’s work ethic and experience.  We were grateful to have him as our Lender and representative.  I highly recommend Jon and will recommend him to my closest friends and family.

Rockne44 (2/14/2018)
Avon, IN

Very pleased. 

Jon Fisher was very professional and knowledgeable.  He was always available to answer all of my questions.  My loan was completed in a timely manner with no problems at all.

Lorraine Lauro 2/13/2018
Plymouth Township, PA

Nice working with you!

- Valentin Rusu

Many thanks for your hard work on our behalf. This wasn't an easy feat as this was the most complicated (almost doomed?) settlement I've experienced. You exceeded my expectations every step of the way, and anticipated any possible negative situations with professionalism. The Shack...

- J. Kirk

Great job. Thanks!

- Erick

Adam was recommend by the real estate sales agent and he was very competent right from the start. During each step in the process he was knowledgeable and efficient....

- Juan Roach

During our first time home buying experience, everything ran so smoothly and quickly.  We closed 8 months ago and I still email him now and then to ask random questions and he's on the ball for you, even in the late night hours.  I recommend Frank to anyone shopping around.  Thanks...

- Eden Glover

Pleasant to work with Tom!

- Crystal Brooks

Frank, You're my hero !  What more can I say ?  Thank you ! 

- Susie Moak

Adam did a great job - he helped so much during the loan process.

- Joanne Van

Hi Mark,   We are just getting back from our vacation in Mexico and I didn’t get a chance to send this before we left.   I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your knowledge and persistence to get  us through our refinancing  and the  execution...

- Pamela and Scott C.

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Growing up in a military family, I learned the values of selfless service, honor, respect and loyalty.

I carry those values into my job and passion today: Helping fellow military men and women get into homes.
My first mortgage was a VA mortgage and since retiring from the Army in ’91, I’ve helped put thousands of veterans in homes through the VA Mortgage Program.

Let our veteran help you today!
Thanks for your service, Jon!
-The team at 1st State Veteran Mortgage

Jon Fisher

VA Loan Specialist, US ARMY, 6th Air Cav.

Fort Hood, TX. 1984 - 1991

NMLS# 250317